Configure, Price, Quote

We have developed for a UK forklift distributer a quote system for their dealers.

This provides for quick accurate, error free quoting for the various Forklift models they offer with the various additonal options available on each, such as masts, forks, tyre types, etc.

The software technology involved is React js on the Frontend for quick interactivity and Node js coupled with a MongoDB NoSQL database on the backend serving the Forklift data. The software is deployed on Amazon AWS.

The configurator allows Dealers to search the range of current forklifts, configure quotes for their customers, and notify a confirmed quote as an order to the distributor.

Errors in pricing can cost dearly and the quote system provides a layer of protection for the dealer and distributor and protects their customers from expensive mistakes and awkward discussions.

New options and Forklift models can be added quickly to the system. And rules and constraints on combinations of options requested enforced for a model.






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