Hotel WiFi Installation

We have been involved in the renewal of the WiFi network in a 40+ room hotel over the past two years.

We initially carried out a survey of the existing WiFi network in the hotel – measuring coverage in the rooms.

A 1Gbps optical broadband was installed. We selected a Router that could manage the 1Gps WAN, installed Unifi (Ubiquitii) U6 lite and U6+ AP’s in most rooms and some Unifi switches

Installed a small networked computer for running the WiFI controller from which the AP’s get their configuration and are monitored from.

For the rare case of a broadband outage to the Hotel – installed an LTE 4G networked device (Telkonica) so that the staff could still access the cloud based booking system from the hotel reception and also have a working payment terminal for guest payments.






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